Qurbani in Hajj is run by a small group of dedicated Muslims who strive to make Hajj and Umrah easy for everyone. People who are a part of Qurbani in Hajj have experience in providing Hajj and Umrah services for over a decade.

Due to the lack of reliable services tailored for the 21st century for Hajj and Umrah, this online portal was started. A lot of similar services provided by others keep people aloof the what actually is happening and do not take ’tarteeb‘ into account. Others even continue the slaughtering past the dedicated days of Tashriq. With Qurbani in Hajj, we strive to provide a means for the people so they can track their orders, get SMS notifications, and contact live people for their concerns while implementing the strict rules and regulations of the Sharia as prescribed by the Quran and Sunnah.

Qurbani Services

Let handle your 2013 Hajj Qurbani/Udhiya. We are partners with Makka Hajj Services, which has been providing trusted and reliable Qurbani services to Hajj pilgrims since 2000.

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